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3 Reasons Why People Love ShippingChimp Vs Narvar

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  1   End-to-End visibility

With ShippingChimp gain 360-degree visibility into your order delivery. Monitor all shipment transit activities from “Shipment left the facility” to “Out for delivery”. Trace the package travel route at all times.

  2   Branded tracking page and delivery disputes portal

Facilitate order-tracking on your product page creating additional touchpoints for customers. Additionally, with a delivery dispute request collection portal, manage return requests and missing package disputes effectively.

  3   Seamless customer delivery experience

Shipping costs are a major cost center for eCommerce businesses. Using foresight and data-backed analytics, optimize your last-mile process.

Connect with your favorite eCom apps.

Integrate your favorite tools with ShippingChimp to get all the context in one place

With ShippingChimp you can.

Increase customer experience

Reduce “Where is my order” calls

Boost purchase rate

Reduce returns

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