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Fulfilment companies

As an eCommerce business, no matter where your customers are, you need to get closer to them. Out of hundreds of fulfillment companies across Canada, choosing a reliable 3PL service provider as your sole fulfillment provider helps you scale into new markets with ease and manage inventory across locations from a single dashboard. 

You can also ship orders to your customers scattered geographically, and offer a range of standard and expedited shipping solutions, and cost-effective shipping rates.

Why Partnering with a 3PL Provider is Important? 

If you run a business in Canada, a logistics solution is crucial to overcome geographical complexities and cashing in on new opportunities. 

Smooth and efficient logistics systems allow businesses to deliver orders to customers in a timely and at a low shipping cost both within and outside of Canada.

For example, eCommerce fulfillment companies enable Canadian companies to adapt to dynamic market situations and regulatory requirements. 

An efficient logistical framework is crucial for businesses to maintain competitiveness, do cross-border trade, and grow their market. 

Many 3PL fulfillment companies in Canada have positioned themselves as preferred choices for various businesses. You need to pick a company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality logistics solutions customized to your specific business needs. 

The technological prowess and operational excellence of a 3PL company will ensure efficient handling of orders, fast shipping, and real-time tracking, enabling your business to focus on your core areas operations.

What Is Third-Party Logistics (3PL)?

Third-party logistics (3PL) order fulfillment companies are about outsourcing different logistics and supply chain operations to a service provider. A 3PL company provides a wide range of services, from transportation, and warehousing to order fulfillment. 

By using the expertise of a 3PL provider, Canadian businesses can assign critical elements, such as logistics, warehousing, and distribution, ensuring the highest operational efficiency.


SHIPHYPE has expertise in eCommerce fulfillment by shipping on the same-day. The company offers top-notch order fulfillment solutions for direct-to-customer (DTC) brands.

With SHIPHYPE, you can integrate your Amazon store, Shopify store, or other stores. 

The company rate-shops on every parcel to get customers the lowest shipping cost.

Unlike other 3PLs, SHIPHYPE’s storage fees remain consistent throughout the year.

The company includes the cost of packaging materials in the pick & pack cost, so customers don’t have to pay the packaging cost separately.

Orders are shipped before 2 PM same-day. You will get tracking details as soon as the order ships.

You can ship orders anywhere in the world through SHIPHYPE from their US or Canada locations. The company handles all the customs information.

For B2B fulfillment, SHIPHYPE ensures every order is delivered according to spec.

SHIPHYPE ships most B2B orders within 24 hours. If you have different requirements, the company will adjust so that the orders are shipped on time.

You can view your inventory levels all the time. As orders get shipped, SHIPHYPE updates the inventory in real-time.

Also, as an FBA prep service provider, SHIPHYPE helps Amazon Sellers take their business to the next level by entering new markets. We have locations in both USA and Canada.

  1. INTERFulfillment

Inter Fulfillment is one of the most reliable 3PL fulfillment companies that ship orders all over the world directly to their consumers on behalf of eCommerce businesses. 

The company provides reliable and scalable industry-leading order fulfillment services in Canada to innovative businesses. Inter fulfillment is a top order fulfillment company in the direct-to-customer (D2C) fulfillment realm.

Inter Fulfillment can deliver your orders to customers without you ever doing anything.

In eCommerce order fulfillment, automation plays a key role. You will know when a customer places an order on one of your sales channels when the order is picked and packed as per your specifications and shipped the same day.  

Inter Fulfillment helps reduce shipping times and save a minimum of $3.50 per order on carrier costs by shipping your B2C B2B packages locally from Inter Fulfillment’s order fulfillment center in Toronto and Vancouver.

The company provides an advantage by handling your Canadian order fulfillment needs as their own. It will give you peace of mind and full control of your supply chain and also get you excellent localized Canadian shipping rates.

  1. Stalco

Set up in 1994 in Toronto, Canada, Stalco has a team of experts and experienced professionals. If you hand over your order fulfillment responsibilities to Stalco, they will apply their expertise in shipping & supply chain management. 

Stalco is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) offering services such as order fulfillment, warehousing, inventory control, and returns management, along with US, Canadian & overseas shipping solutions.

With years of experience in duty elimination, Stalco helps eCommerce advertisers eliminate 100% of duty costs for importing items from overseas. This allows businesses to improve their bottom line and focus on their core areas.

Stalco’s can easily manage the volume spikes in B2C order fulfillment for eCommerce businesses, retailers, direct selling companies, and others.

Stalco provides same-day order processing service and fulfillment throughout the week. The company manages volume spikes easily by fulfilling orders, managing multiple shifts and working tirelessly 7 days a week. 

  1. Shiptop

ShipTop is a premier logistics company in Canada that provides top-notch eCommerce fulfillment and freight services to businesses of various sizes. 

No matter whether you have a startup and seeking to grow or a large enterprise operating globally, looking for more efficient fulfillment, ShipTop has a solution for you. 

As a tech-oriented eCommerce fulfillment company, ShipTop provides a range of services to help businesses grow. 

From focused services to multichannel software, the company has the tools to accelerate your eCommerce growth. Besides, ShipTop delivers orders on time and with high efficiency.  

ShipTop offers various fast and reliable shipping options through its partner and reputable carriers and couriers, including Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. 

You don’t have to manage multiple sales channels anymore. ShipTop can seamlessly integrate your eCommerce platform and sales channels for effortless order fulfillment, inventory management, and excellent customer service.

  1. 247 Fulfillment

247 Fulfillment focuses on accurate and on-time order fulfillment. With the help of the carrier, you can unlock a smooth fulfillment process that’ll get you repeat customers and great reviews.

Whether you need a cost-effective solution, fast shipping, or send packages to overseas customers. From 247 Fulfillment Center in Canada, you can ship your orders within Canada and abroad.

Often overseas orders consist of 30% of the brand’s customer base. With efficient international shipping services, your business can gain incremental revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and win repeat purchases.

From 247 Fulfillment Center in Canada, you will be able to track, monitor, and manage your inventory and orders in real time.

  1. Hyperlink Logistics

Established in 1989, Hyperlink Logistics is a full-service, 3PL warehousing and distribution service provider in Ontario, Canada. 

Hyperlink Logistics has been helping businesses with customized supply chains and business shipping services for 30 years.

The carrier uses the latest technology to manage and scale transportation, storage, and order fulfillment quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.  The company’s customized 3PL solutions can easily keep up with the speed and scale of your business needs.

By serving the retail, commercial, industrial, E-tail, manufacturing, and distribution industries, Hyperlink Logistics has earned its name as a responsive one-stop 3PL services provider. 

Hyperlink Logistics offers a comprehensive range of 3PL services that streamline all the areas of clients’ logistics operations, from warehousing and inventory handling to shipping and distribution. 

The 3PL services of Hyperlink Logistics include warehousing, transportation & distribution, order fulfillment, eCommerce integration and fulfillment, freight consolidation, real-time visibility, reverse logistics, last-mile delivery and more.

  1. 3DM

3DM operates with a mission to offer its clients high-quality and customized logistic services and support to improve effectiveness and fast-track the company’s growth.

In the initial days, 3DM functioned under the name ‘Distribution Directe’, which was well-known as a prominent direct mail company, and served clients with accuracy and efficiency. 

Later, 3DM’s founder identified a long-term opportunity to diversify and grow the company’s business. 

In 1992, Distribution Directe moved into pharmaceutical sampling to Canadian Physicians, showing the path to the future and flexibility that would become the main feature of the company. 

3DM ensures its clients leave all the intricacies of order processing to it. The team of experts of the company specializes in accurate picking and packing services. The company meticulously assembles and packs every order according to clients’ specifications. 

With an unwavering focus on accuracy, 3DM guarantees your customers receive their orders in flawless condition.

3DM reaches out to customers proactively. The company’s multi-channel order processing capabilities can effortlessly integrate with different sales channels, including eCommerce and other businesses. 

This approach ensures that clients can fulfill their orders across various channels easily. Get your orders as per your SLA and 3DM will ship the orders the same day with 99.7% accuracy.

  1. ShipCarte

Since 2019, ShipCarte Inc. is one of the latest and most effective supply chain service providers in Canada. 

With its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, ShipCarte specializes in fulfillment and shipping solutions for various businesses in Canada, the U.S., and the International market. 

After the recent pandemic, which forced many companies to take their business online, ShipCarte embraced and adapted to the change, and began providing fulfillment services for online businesses with high efficiency.  

Fulfilling many orders and resolving inquiries at a time, businesses often find it challenging to get cost-effective shipping rates. 

ShipCarte has online shipping software that can provide a memorable experience to clients by efficiently fulfilling orders at reasonable rates. 

The company’s work model helps clients customize their shipping process the way it suits their business needs. By providing reliable shipping solutions, ShipCarte helps to grow your business. 

With the association of ShipCarte, it helps customers expand their business which they never thought possible. You will get help with fulfillment and shipping every step of the way.

  1. MasonHub

MasonHub offers customizable 3PL fulfillment services to growing fashion, beauty, and wellness brands.

The purpose of starting MasonHub is to help brands overcome their biggest fulfillment challenges. 

The founders of the company are veteran retail leaders who have witnessed every challenge in the industry, including logistical complexity, obsolete technology, and thin resources. 

This is why MasonHub’s goal is to modernize rising omnichannel brands managing their supply chains efficiently.

MasonHub can seamlessly integrate with your existing operations. You only have to connect your eCommerce store and send your inventory and it starts right away. The company makes the complex fulfillment process look easy.

You can also streamline your inventory with real-time demand forecasting and tracking. It enables your business to efficiently handle pre-sales and backorders. 

The accurate cycle counts of MasonHub support a responsive, strategic process for the dynamic eCommerce market.

  1. North American Brands

Established in 1989, North American Brands is one of the leading 3PL providers to businesses seeking to consolidate their positions in the Canadian market.

The company offers a unified approach to solutions and customizes services according to your business needs. 

North American Brands fulfills your 3PL needs through effective and affordable B2B and B2C services, and gives you peace of mind.

The company effortlessly integrates with all platforms to offer a single point of order and helps manage inventory through its customer portal. 

North American Brands provides services including, retail/wholesale fulfillment, B2C pick pack, reverse logistics, and Amazon FBA Prep Services.

In its 3PL services, the company covers order fulfilment, warehousing, and distribution. Whether by storing a few pallets or depending on your products or fulfilment requirements, the company does everything you need.

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