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Most eCommerce businesses in Canada, start their operations in Toronto, Ontario. In recent years, Toronto has seen massive growth in eCommerce and when it comes to tech talent, it is the place to be. A strong brand needs a stronger logistics network. For e-commerce businesses in Toronto, selecting a shipping company involves considering factors like cost-effectiveness, reliability, speed of delivery, tracking capabilities, and the experience of the end customer. Here are the top shipping companies in Toronto tailored to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses operating in and from Toronto:


At ShippingChimp, the prices within Canada start at $5. We are the most suited shipping carrier for eCommerce brands in Canada and are the best Canada Post alternative. ShippingChimp’s regional expertise makes it easier to understand local challenges and our technological capabilities beat that of legacy carriers. Our HQ is in Mississauga and we have a presence across all strategic locations across Canada. This means eCommerce businesses can drop by to chat over coffee anytime. 


Three tips that can help you make the most of ShippingChimp are:

  1. Take advantage of Free Pickups – We offer Free Pickups that save eCommerce businesses a ton of effort and time. National carriers lack this feature.
  1. Make the most of zero-volume commitment – We believe that businesses should not be paying more because they don’t have enough volume at the start. This is why we have a zero-volume commitment for all eCommerce businesses working with us. 
  1. Use the Bulk Label Generation feature – ShippingChimp has an integrated dashboard that displays orders from all eCommerce platforms your business is on. From the dashboard, it is easy to print labels in bulk with a single click. 

Canada Post 

When it comes to covering remote places in Canada, Canada Post is the no.1 national carrier. It is a popular choice for e-commerce businesses due to its reliability and competitive pricing for both domestic and international shipping. They also offer solutions tailored for small to medium-sized online stores, including discounted rates for bulk shipping.

Canada Post

Three tips that can help you make the most of Canada Post are:

  1. Leverage Business Solutions: Ship larger volumes? Take advantage of Canada Post’s business solutions like Solutions for Small Business which offers volume-based discounts.
  1. Use Snap Ship: Canada Post made Snap Ship for small businesses. This tool simplifies the process of preparing shipments and printing shipping labels.
  1. Maximize Flat Rate Boxes: Flat rate boxes can maximise your savings for shipments within Canada provided you are shipping standard-sized items.


For businesses looking for rapid shipping with excellent tracking capabilities, UPS is an ideal choice. Their range of services includes next-day air, expedited, and standard shipping, fitting various delivery timelines and budgets.


Three tips that can help you make the most of UPS are:

  1. Make the most of On-Call Pickup: You can call UPS to pick your orders up. UPS will pick up all packages with a single pick-up request and you’ll not be charged additional pick-up fees per package. 
  1. Explore UPS My Choice for Business: Use this service to better manage outgoing shipments, change delivery plans, and keep customers updated with real-time tracking information.
  1. Utilize UPS Ready Program: Integrate your e-commerce platforms with UPS’s shipping software solutions through the UPS Ready program.


FedEx is expensive, and always has been but it is also fast. FedEx is suitable for e-commerce businesses that need speedy deliveries across Canada or internationally. They provide comprehensive tracking and a range of time-definite options.


Two tips that can help you make the most of FedEx are:

  1. Use FedEx Delivery Manager: Implement this service for more control over shipment timings and locations.
  1. Join FedEx Advantage: Enroll in the FedEx Advantage discount program designed for small businesses, offering competitive rates and discounts.


Purolator offers tailored e-commerce solutions, including Purolator Express and Purolator Ground. They are known for reliable domestic delivery services and have good options for urgent shipments.


Three tips that can help you make the most of Purolator are:

  1. Focus on Expedited Services: For urgent deliveries, consider Purolator Express services which provide guaranteed delivery times.
  1. Use Purolator Mobile: The mobile app can enhance operational efficiency by allowing you to track shipments, estimate costs, and find drop-off locations conveniently from your mobile device.
  1. Consider Purolator Ground: Purolator Ground service is suited for less urgent shipments without sacrificing reliability, particularly useful for larger or heavier packages.


Excellent for international shipping, DHL offers specialized e-commerce logistics solutions. They are a great choice for Toronto-based businesses looking to expand their market reach beyond Canada, especially into the U.S. and internationally.


Three tips that can help you make the most of DHL are:

  1. Optimize DHL Express: For international shipments, DHL Express prove to be a fast and reliable service.
  1. Leverage DHL’s E-commerce Solutions: Use DHL’s specialized e-commerce logistics services to handle everything from order fulfilment to returns.
  1. Utilize DHL Import Express: Manage imports more efficiently with DHL Import Express, which allows control over imports and transparency in costs, speeding up the supply chain.

Canpar Express 

Canpar is a popular carrier in Canada. They offer a good balance of service quality and affordability, which ultimately benefits every eCommerce business.

Canpar Express

Three tips that can help you make the most of Canpar are:

  1. Use Canpar Express Select: When delivery timing is critical, try using Canpar Express Select for next-day delivery within Canada.
  1. Take Advantage of Volume Discounts: Negotiate volume discounts if your shipping needs are substantial, which can significantly reduce your per-package cost.
  1. Utilize Canpar’s Ground Services: For regular shipments, use Canpar’s Ground Services.


Established in 1994, Toronto-based Stalco has developed a high reputation over the years. From Order Fulfilment to Inventory control, they have a lot of features. 


Three tips that can help you make the most of Stalco are:

  1. Leverage Stalco’s Integration Capabilities – With Stalco, you can automate order processing, inventory management, and shipping updates and reduce manual entry errors and speed up the dispatch times.
  1. Utilize Stalco’s Expertise in International Shipping – In international logistics, people know Stalco. They can help with customs clearance, international documentation, and ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations.
  1. Optimize Your Inventory with Stalco’s Warehousing Solutions – For eCommerce companies managing inventory can be challenging. Use Stalco’s warehousing services to better manage your stock levels.

GLS Canada

GLS offers ground and express shipping services primarily within Quebec and Ontario, making it a good option for regional deliveries.

GLS Canada

Three tips that can help you make the most of GLS are:

  1. Explore Regional Services: With 28 terminals covering 100% of Quebec and Ontario, they have expertise in regional services.
  1. Leverage Ground Service: GLS’s Ground Service is cost-effective but it will take some time to reach your customer.
  1. Monitor Promotions and Discounts: Keep an eye on the occasional promotions and discounts that they offer. 


Cargopedia provides both domestic and international shipping around the world. It is a freight brokerage platform that connects businesses with shipping service providers, simplifying the logistics process, especially for heavy or oversized freight. Cargopedia allows shippers to post their cargo requirements, and also carriers can easily search for available loads.


Three tips that can help you make the most of Cargopedia are:

  1. Maximize Use of the Instant Quote Feature – Leverage Cargopedia’s instant quote feature to quickly compare rates from different carriers.
  1. Utilize the Tracking Tools for Enhanced Transparency – Employ Cargopedia’s tracking tools to keep a real-time tab on your shipments.
  1. Engage Regularly with Cargopedia’s Customer Support for Optimization – For businesses new to freight shipping or those facing complex logistical requirements, setting up a consultation with Cargopedia’s support team can provide insights into optimizing shipping routes, choosing appropriate insurance, and understanding contractual obligations. 


ShipCanada is an international shipping company in Toronto, Canada that represents the largest trucking companies in North America. They specialize in North American freight and parcel deliveries.


One tip that can help you make the most of ShipCanada is: 

  1. Explore All Shipping Options – Take the time to explore the variety of shipping options offered by ShipCanada. They provide a range of services including LTL (Less Than Truckload), FTL (Full Truckload), flatbed trucking, and expedited shipping. Depending on the size, frequency, and urgency of your shipments, different services might be more cost-effective or appropriate. For example, if you have smaller, less time-sensitive goods, LTL might be a cost-efficient choice, while urgent large shipments might necessitate FTL services.


ShipHype is a Toronto-based shipping carrier that has carved its niche as a third-party logistics (3PL) company for eCommerce businesses. The company offers comprehensive solutions to simplify the fulfillment process, which ensures success for online retail stores. 


One tip that can help you make the most of ShipHype is:

  1. Leverage ShipHype’s Special Services – Beyond standard picking and packing, ShipHype offers a range of value-added services such as kitting, subscription box assembly, and custom packaging solutions.


CargoNet is a major carrier in the Canadian shipping industry known for secure logistics. Starting its business in 1996, the company offers a wide array of services comprising end-to-end freight and supply chain management.


Two tips that can help you make the most of CargoNet are:

  1. Leverage CargoNet’s Security Services – If you transport high-value or theft-prone goods, make use of CargoNet’s specialized security services to minimize risks associated with cargo theft. CargoNet provides data analytics, a communication network, and theft recovery services.
  1. Utilize CargoNet’s Network for Efficient Routing – Take advantage of CargoNet’s vast network and expertise in efficient routing to optimize your transportation routes. This is especially beneficial if you operate in high-traffic or complex logistical areas.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker has been serving businesses and end-consumers for more than 140 years. The carrier provides shipping services via a smooth multi-modal transportation network across Canada. The types of services the company offers include transportation, contract logistics, custom brokerage, and more.  

DB Schenker

Three tips that can help you make the most of DB Schenker are:

  1. Utilize DB Schenker’s Integrated Logistics Solutions – Take full advantage of DB Schenker’s expertise in integrated logistics to streamline your supply chain.
  1. Engage with DB Schenker’s eSchenker Portal – Make extensive use of the eSchenker portal. This platform allows you to book shipments, track cargo, and manage documents all in one place.
  1. Leverage DB Schenker’s Eco Solutions for Sustainable Shipping – Opt into DB Schenker’s eco-friendly shipping options to reduce your carbon footprint.


SCI is one of the leading providers of supply chain solutions with more than 30 years of experience and has stood out by offering its wide range of services. In eCommerce fulfillment, SCI manages inbound and inventory to picking, packing, shipping, transportation, and returns. 


Three tips that can help you make the most of SCI are: 

  1. Leverage SCI’s Customized Logistics Solutions – If you run a pharmaceutical company, you can use SCI’s specialized healthcare logistics solutions, which include temperature-controlled storage and transportation.
  1. Take Advantage of SCI’s Technology Tools – SCI’s advanced technology platforms for inventory management and order tracking are helpful. 
  1. Engage in Continuous Improvement with SCI’s Analytical Insights – Use the analytical insights provided by SCI to continuously improve your logistics processes. 

What Should You Know Before Hiring a Toronto Shipping Company?

Which essential factors should you consider as an eCommerce business owner before partnering with a shipping company that can meet all of your shipping requirements? 

To find a reputable and reliable shipping company, the following key areas will help you make an informed decision:

Shipping Speed

Shipping and delivery speed are crucial for your eCommerce business when choosing a top shipping company. Fast order deliveries meet customer expectations, enhance satisfaction, and increase competitiveness. 

Consistently shipping orders on time drives customer loyalty, positive reviews, and possible customer retention.

Affordable Shipping Costs

For your online retail business, low shipping rates are a key factor when choosing a Toronto shipping company. Affordable rates affect the total costs, influence price points, and the customer satisfaction level. 

With low-cost yet quality shipping service, not only can you optimize profit margins but also consolidate your market positioning.

Coverage Area

Wide shipping coverage ensures reaching out to a majority of your customer bases within Canada and also to international locations. 

Such extensive access to various areas can help you expand your market, attract a broader audience, and get you more business opportunities. 

Reliable Service

Reliable shipping service ensures on-time deliveries, lowers shipping errors, and helps gain customer trust. A reputable and dependable shipping partner can contribute to a positive brand image and sustained success amid intense competition.

Customer Service

Proactive customer service will ensure quick resolution of customers’ issues, and it also improves the shipping experience. A dependable and consistent customer support system develops trust and leads to long-term relationships with consumers. 

Toronto has a plethora of shipping carriers that work well for eCommerce businesses. However, choose the one that meets your shipping needs. Regional carrier or national carrier, it depends on what volume you are shipping and to where. 


  1. What specific technologies do these carriers use to enhance their logistic services?

Shipping carriers use GPS tracking, automated sorting systems, drone and robotic delivery systems (in trials by some companies), and AI for predictive analytics to name a few. Real-time data analysis tools also help in managing logistics operations more effectively.

  1. How do these carriers handle returns and reverse logistics?

Most carriers have dedicated portals for managing returns. For example – 

Canada Post offers a service called “Returns for Small Business”. They provide printable return labels that can be included in the original shipment or generated on demand. 

FedEx has a returns management system called FedEx Returns. Customers can drop off their returns at FedEx locations or schedule a pickup from their home or office, making it highly convenient.

3. Can these carriers integrate directly with major eCommerce platforms?

Yes, here are a few examples. 

ShippingChimp has one-click integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

UPS integrates directly with major eCommerce platforms through UPS Ready.

DHL offers DHL eCommerce, which provides direct plugins for integrating DHL shipping services into platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. 

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