Guide to Shipping with Canpar

Shipping with Canpar

Canpar is a Toronto-based parcel carrier with its history tracing back to 1976. The company’s unique selling proposition (USP) is shipping small parcels, primarily providing services to the fast-growing eCommerce market in Canada. 

In 2002, the leading logistics company TransForce purchased Canpar, and expanded its shipping capabilities significantly. 

Over the years, Canpar has been offering reliable parcel shipping and tracking services to eCommerce brands within Canada and also across North America.

Canpar’s widespread network helps it to serve all 10 Canadian provinces and the continental United States.

Besides, the carrier provides shipping services to more than 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses. Also, Canpar is the go-to carrier for retail shipping needs, including tracking, scheduling pickups, and managing orders. 

Particularly, eCommerce businesses prefer hiring the services of Canpar for their frequent shipping needs. The carrier offers a mix of efficient and reliable shipping, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced market.

Canpar Express Shipping Options

Canpar Express offers the following services to ship within Canada and to the USA, Australia, Japan, Europe, and 220+ countries worldwide.

Canpar Overnight: Canpar Overnight is an express service for all your domestic shipments delivered within 1-7 days. 

To create a shipment with Canpar Overnight, you must enter your shipment details (such as address and item details) and purchase a shipping label. 

Canpar Overnight offers free pickup but no scheduled delivery. Also, there is no insurance with the overnight service 

Canpar – Select: Customized for eCommerce businesses seeking more tailored shipping services. 

Canpar Select provides services like residential deliveries, appointment deliveries, and tailgate services. These services are particularly useful for shipments that need extra care or special instructions for package handling.

Canpar Ground: Canpar Ground caters to relatively less urgent deliveries, and it is an economical option for shipping within Canada and the US. This service provides an ideal balance of affordability and reliability.

Canpar International: The shipping service by Canpar International goes beyond the boundaries of North America. 

This service network covers more than 215 countries and can fulfill your overseas shipping needs with efficiency. Check out other expedited shipping options in Canada.

My Canpar Account Signup for eCommerce Business

You can register for a MyCanpar account to get exclusive benefits and discounts that are not available for standard one-off shipping orders. 

You will get the following benefits from your MyCanpar account:

  • Get a web shipping facility to send packages through an online process and generate labels instantly.
  • Custom shipping rate calculator to help you and your customers figure out the actual cost of shipping. 
  • Digital pickup tags to help initiate returns and reduce the delivery time.
  • Improved tracking feature with tracking numbers, reference numbers, or manifest numbers.
  • Digital invoicing in an appropriate format that will suit your business. Also, you can automate the invoice payment from your website after integrating Canpar with your eCommerce portal host.

How Canpar Tracking works

Canpar Express allows real-time tracking for your shipment. You can do that by visiting the Canpar website. 

You need to put your Canpar Express tracking numbers on the Canpar tracking page or on the search box to check the status of your shipment. 

You can check as many as 10 Canpar Express tracking numbers and see the results at once in a matter of seconds.

Canpar Express tracking number contains a unique nine-digit code that is assigned to each package. The carrier provides the tracking number and the time of shipment.

On the Canpar portal, you need to enter the tracking number or reference number attached to your parcel and click on “Track”. 

Canpar Pickup Service

Canpar offers a wide range of services, including package pickup. You can get on-demand pickup service and pickup tags from Canpar.

Canpar pickup will even allow you to salvage a parcel billed for its Ground service. 

You just need to enter the pickup address on the MyCanpar portal for the pickup tag, and a Canpar driver will come along with a label and pick up the package.

Even customers without a Canpar account can request a pickup. Canpar has a Pick Up On-Demand service that allows non-account holders to ship parcels by paying for the service as and when needed.  

You only have to fill out the shipping details and then move on to Canpar’s secured checkout area and pay with a credit card. 

How Can You Schedule a Canpar Pickup?

With Canpar, you can schedule a pickup in the following ways:

  1. Type your pickup address
  • You can enter the default address or add a new one. There is also the option of leaving special instructions for the pickup driver.
  1. Select a date for parcel pickup
  • Select a pickup date from the dates available. Pickups during weekends are not available.
  • The facility of same-day pickup is available only in a few areas.
  1. Include the parcel details 
  • Weigh and measure the parcels accurately before entering the details.
  • If you send a consolidated shipment, click “Add another piece” and enter the parcel details.
  1. Pay and generate labels
  • When scheduling a pickup, confirm the details and click ‘Pay and print labels.’ You can even complete the process another time. 

You can find Canpar pickup locations by clicking the link here.

What is the Estimated Delivery Timeline of Canpar Express?

You can get overnight delivery service in Canada from Canpar Express. The estimated delivery timeline of most shipments is between 24 to 48 hours. 

Depending on the sender’s and recipient’s distance, Canpar may deliver packages even earlier. 

Canpar’s Priority service can deliver a package the next day to some addresses depending on the time of placing an order.

Delivery times usually differ from one region to another. You can check Canpar’s website for more details about specific delivery times of a particular region. Canpar provides a guarantee of on-time delivery for eligible shipments.

When you want to know your parcel status, enter your Canpar tracking barcode on the carrier’s homepage. You can also use the ‘Advance Tracking’ link to track a package.

You can also track parcels sent through other postal and private carriers like FedEx, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.

Canpar Express FAQs

How can I find the tracking number of my parcel on Canpar?

You can find the tracking number of your shipment on the order details or by logging in to your MyCanpar account. You can also track a package using the ‘Delivery Notice’ ‘Pickup Tag’ and ‘Reference Number.’

What are the costs of shipping using Canpar?

The shipping cost will depend on the service, the distance between the pickup and delivery postal code, and your choice of standard or premium shipping timing.

Does Canpar deliver parcels on weekends?

No, Canpar does not deliver packages on the weekends.

Does Canpar need a signature at the time of delivery?

Canpar shipments do not need a signature when delivering a parcel.

Closing Thoughts

Canpar is a great shipping carrier for your eCommerce store. But ShippingChimp is better. At ShippingChimp the shipping rates are 53% cheaper when compared to Canpar or any other national carrier.

Revathi Karthik
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