Purolator vs. Canada Post: Which is Better for Your eCommerce Store?

In the fast-changing shipping services industry, especially in the growing eCommerce market of Canada, making the right choice is crucial. 

The Canadian shipping market has some of the leading shipping carriers, and picking one is never easy. 

Before selecting a carrier, you need to understand how their services vary and which will meet your shipping needs. 

For shipping parcels in Canada, you have various options to choose from, like Purolator or Canada Post. Each of them has a unique range of services and features. But out of these two, which one is ideal for your business? 

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In this blog, we will compare the shipping services, estimated delivery times, pricing, and other factors of these two major service providers. 

About Purolator

Purolator has a shipping background of over 20 years in the Canadian shipping industry. During this long period, the carrier had less than 1% damage and loss claim rates. It’s a reputable and one of the most reliable shipping companies in Canada. 

Regardless of the shipping needs of your business, small or large parcels, Purolator provides meticulous logistical planning and customized services to deliver them on time. 

Purolator has a reliable and well-connected network with extensive coverage in the US and Canada. The carrier also can cover most global locations. The services include IT integration, advanced tracking, and excellent customer service via PuroTouch.

Purolator offers affordable shipping rates, and also provides coverage and ships parcels to nearly 99 percent of postal addresses in Canada.

Besides shipping speed, Purolator tracking Canada provides customers the facility to track their parcels and likely delivery time.

Additionally, Purolator has a well-managed network of transportation, warehouse, and distribution services. This logistics network can deliver packages to retail stores or directly to customers quickly. The supply chain solutions of Purolator are customized to benefit eCommerce businesses like yours and make lives easy for customers. From top-notch tracking to flexible Purolator pickup, the carrier has designed its shipping services keeping your needs in mind.

Features of Purolator’s Shipping Services in Canada

Purolator offers various types of shipping services and provides flexible routing with extensive network coverage within Canada. The carrier is well-known for its reliability and exemplary customer service.

Here are the features of Purolator shipping services:

  • Courier Service: If you need fast shipping for your small parcels, or need special attention due to their various size or weight, the Purolator courier service is just right for it.  
  • You can ship your packages between addresses within Canada or from the US with Purolator’s time-definite shipping options. 
  • The carrier has a comprehensive supply chain network, which is ideal for eCommerce businesses seeking a faster and reliable delivery solution.
  • Parcel: If you have to send medium to large packages through a reliable and efficient shipping service to Canada, the Purolator parcel delivery service is ideal for it. 
  • The company will ensure that your parcels comply within Canada and deliver to their destinations in as little as 2 to 8 days. 
  • Expedited Shipping: The expedited shipping of Purolator is perfect for businesses that are looking to reach a broad market and provide a high degree of reliability. 
  • When you require hassle-free delivery services, Purolator can provide that with a streamlined process and ensures your packages reach customers on time with minimal intervention. 
  • Less than Truckload (LTL): If you are tired of waiting for days or weeks to fill your truck with enough packages to ship to Canada, Purolator’s LTL shipping method will be useful. 
  • The carrier has designed its LTL service keeping in mind the specific needs of businesses to ensure the packages get the best transit times. 
  • Also, the LTL shipments get skid-level tracking so you get the same quality service that you would have got from a full truckload shipment at a significantly low cost.

Why Purolator is Better for Shipping in Canada 

Considering the range of services, vast experience, and reputation, there is hardly any better carrier than Purolator for shipping in Canada.

The company has vast experience delivering customized shipping services and excellent customer experiences. 

If you choose Purolator for shipping within Canada, you will get:

  • Fast and flexible logistics and customised routing
  • Assurance of timely delivery with fewer losses and damages and returns
  • Top-notch customer service with your own aligned customer relations representative
  • Access to one of the largest delivery networks in Canada

About Canada Post Shipping

In the package delivery services industry, especially in Canada, your choice of a carrier significantly affects your shipping experience. 

When it comes to shipping solutions in Canada, several quality local and international carriers are available. 

These carriers provide a range of domestic and international shipping services for Canada at attractive prices. However, over the years, Canada Post has been able to keep its shipping rates lower than all the carriers.  

Canada Post is not an ordinary courier service; it’s the leading postal operator in Canada. With its extensive network of 6,200 postal offices, Canada Post can deliver packages to every corner of the country. 

Particularly, if you have an eCommerce business, then Canada Post’s eCommerce shipping will prove to be affordable, convenient, and flexible for you.  

Besides domestic shipping, you can also easily send parcels to the US. When it comes to shipping internationally, Canada Post ships parcels to over 190 countries worldwide. 

On top of it, you will get facilities like end-to-end Canada Post tracking and signature confirmation to ensure your parcel reaches its destination fast. Additionally, you can also schedule shipment pickups through the Canada Post pickup service. Learn everything about Canada Post shipping here

Canada Post shipping rates are affordable and its flexible shipping timeline will be convenient for you. You can check the range of shipping solutions, features, and shipping rates they offer, and make a decision accordingly. 

Features of Canada Post Shipping

Canada Post offers a wide range of features and benefits with its shipping services. Here are the most prominent features:

  • Flat Rate Charges: You can pay a flat-rate fee for buying a pack of 12 shipping boxes online. You can ship your products in these boxes to various addresses in Canada, and they have to weigh less than 5kg. These boxes come in different sizes — small, medium, and large to meet all of your shipping needs.
  • Tracking Facility: Canada Post provides free tracking services for your shipment. This way, you can constantly track your shipment. Also, you will receive alerts via email, SMS, or phone about the parcel status. 
  • International Shipping: Canada Post ships parcels to international locations all over the world. 
  • Signature Confirmation: Canada Post has the signature and ID confirmation services with all their shipping services. When delivering packages, the carrier will only hand them over when the recipient signs. 
  • Collect on Delivery: With the collect-on-delivery option, customers can pay for their parcels after receiving them. They can pay a $7.25 COD fee plus the shipping fees for this service.  
  • Insurance: Canada Post provides basic liability coverage as part of the insurance coverage for certain shipping services. It is even possible to buy additional liability coverage for a shipment. 

The insurance rates of Canada Post for Regular Parcels, Flat Rate Box, Xpresspost, and Priority shipping come with liability coverage of up to $100 and extra coverage of up to $5,000. 

Domestic Shipping Rates : Purolator Vs Canada Post

Service TypeDelivery TimelinePricing
Canada Post Regular7 business days$27.43
Canada PostCanada Post Express2 business days$60.46
PriorityNext business day$87.26
Purolator Ground5 business days by the EOD$73.70
Purolator Ground 10:30 AM5 business days -10:30 AM$89.24
PurolatorPurolator ExpressNext business day by the EOD$91
Purolator Ground Evening5 business days from 5:30 – 9:30 PM$92.63
Purolator Express 12 PMNext business day by noon$104.01
Purolator Ground 9 AM5 business days – 9 AM$109.70
Purolator Express 10:30 AMNext business day – 10:30 AM$115.38
Purolator Express EveningNext business day from 5:30 – 9 PM$124.72
Purolator Express 9 AMNext business day – 9 AM$147.86

International Shipping Rates: Purolator vs Canada Post

Service TypeDelivery TimelinePricing
International Parcel Surface6-10 business days$69.95
Canada PostXpresspost International3 business days$116.53
PriorityNext business day$87.26
PurolatorPurolator Express International Guaranteed2 business days$259.75
Purolator Express International – 12 PM Guaranteed2 Business days$274

Which Carrier Offers Cheaper & Faster Shipping: Purolator vs. Canada Post? 

Let’s check out which carrier between Purolator and Canada Post offers affordable shipping rates and faster shipping. 

Here we will take into account factors such as parcel weight, size, dimensions, point of origin and destination, and estimated delivery time to help you make an informed decision. 

For next-day delivery, both Purolator and Canada Post offer affordable and convenient options that will enable you to choose the desired timeline, including delivering the package the next morning. 

For shipping to overseas locations, Purolator and Canada Post consistently deliver parcels through faster transit times at reasonable rates.

Out of all the options, Purolator Express (next business day by EOD) has emerged as the fastest domestic shipping service. Also, the shipping fee for Purolator Express service is $91, which is competitive.

Which One Is Better, Purolator vs. Canada Post?

Deciding which carrier is better between Purolator and Canada Post, eventually depends on the specific needs and priorities of your business. 

Considering the domestic and international shipping tables above, it looks like Canada Post has the cheapest option for both domestic and international shipping if speed is not a priority. 

For domestic shipping, the shipping times of Purolator are faster and more affordable. The carrier also offers guaranteed delivery within a specific timeline. If you give shipping speed priority, Purolator’s services will be more suitable for you. 

Closing Thoughts: Purolator vs. Canada Post

When picking a shipping company, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements and preferences of your business. Shipping carriers have their pros and cons. 

You need to consider factors such as shipping speed, price, coverage, budget, range of services, and reliability before making a decision. We suggest that you compare the offers of both Purolator and Canada Post to see which one best aligns with your business needs. 

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