Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts: These Canadian Brands Have The Hottest Deal Ever

Mother's day gifts

Just like the holiday seasons, special occasions like Mother’s Day come every year too. In 2024, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. One of the ways you can celebrate that day for the most special person in your life is by giving her a thoughtful gift and sharing happiness. 

You are indebted to your mother because she brought you to this beautiful world. Her unconditional love, affection, and care, have removed all the obstacles from your way since took your first baby step. 

There is nothing in this world that can pay off a mother’s love and sacrifices. However, you can show your love and gratitude to your mother with a unique gift. It will make the day special and memorable for her. 

When it comes to giving gifts, actions speak louder than words, so express your thoughtfulness with a nice gift to your mom. Although the concept of a “perfect present” doesn’t exist, we can help you find some nice and useful Mother’s Day gifts for the most special woman in your life.

Based on our listed ideas, you can pick a unique and practical gift that your mother can use for a long time. Be it first-time moms who need some rest and recreation, thoughtful gifts for doting grandmas, and even for mother-in-laws, our gift ideas will be ideal for all.

Check out our 10 gift ideas from trending Canadian brands that you can give to your dear mother or mother-in-law, which will make the special occasion even more special. 

  1. Ikea Nordmärke Wireless Charger


We start our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas with a wireless charging pad. With Nordmärke charging pad, your mom can use her USB-C cable and adapter. She can connect it and recharge her smartphone battery every time she puts it down.

This wireless charger saves the wear and tear of using the original wired charging cable and works with all types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. 

The charger is Qi-certified and works perfectly with all Qi-certified devices. For example, the charger works with Apple® iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s latest models. Another advantage of using this charger is that your mom doesn’t have to look for the right cord or adaptor while charging her phone. Get this wireless charger on Ikea Canada for $9.99 only.

2. Lambert Vegan Leather Diaper Bag


Designed to make life easier for new mothers, this diaper bag comes with a large compartment to provide space for all the baby’s essentials. 

The bag has many exterior and interior pockets, which will allow the gift recipient to have maximum storage for her baby’s stuff. The bag also has a changing mat, two adjustable straps to attach your bag to a stroller, and a pouch. 

A mom-to-be or a new mom will appreciate the minimalist and useful design of the bag. Besides the backpack, stroller, and numerous compartments, the bag also comes with a removable changing mat, laptop, headphone compartment, key clip, and more.You can pick this vegan leather bag on Lambert for $190.

3. Electric Kettle 


Making a perfect cup of tea or some oatmeal instantly has become easy now. The Hamilton Beach electric kettle boils water faster than a microwave. It also features automatic shutoff, making it safer than the stovetop.

Your mom will love the ease of making a quick, hot cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or French press without any hassle. The electric kettle comes with 1500 watts to boil up to 1.7 liters of water real quick. 

The steel electric kettle is perfect for hectic mornings or any time your mom is in a hurry and needs to make boiling water fast. She can also boil water to make a bowl of ramen or instant oatmeal. The cordless kettle is easy to lift off the base to serve hot water anywhere for making hot beverages. 

The kettle also has an LED Light Ring that displays when the water reaches the boiling point and the power is on. It has a durable, food-grade stainless steel interior for long-lasting usage.
You can buy the Hamilton Beach electric kettle with LED light for $44.98 at Walmart.

4. Emery & Opal Necklace


Emery & Opal is a popular Canadian jewelry brand based out of Montreal. The company has a collection of wonderfully designed, simplistic, affordable, and unique sterling gold-filled/silver jewelry pieces.

The necklace looks high-quality and sophisticated. Its design is minimalist and delicate, yet strong enough for daily wear. Your mother will love wearing this piece of jewelry from a reputable Canadian brand. You can get various options of this necklace on Amazon Canada for $54.

5. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer


A hand mixer is an ideal gift for your mother if she loves baking. This Hamilton Beach 6-speed hand mixer has two traditional beaters, two easy-clean beaters, one whisk, and two dough hooks. 

The item has been thoughtfully designed to make the user’s life easier. All the features of this hand mixer make whisking, mixing, and folding easier.
Whether your mom prepares delicious meals and beverages smoothly, she can count on the product every time. You can grab this item at Walmart Canada for $51.58.

6. Emperor Automatic Soap Dispenser 


After the health hazards of the pandemic, it is important to be more health-conscious. A soap and sanitizer dispenser from Indigo can keep bacteria and germs at bay. 

This automatic soap and sanitizer dispenser has a sleek curved design. The recipient can use it with liquid soap, dish soap, or hand sanitizer that quickly dispenses the right quantity of liquid every time. 
The soap dispenser has touch-free operation and minimizes the spread of germs. Also, due to its modern design, you can fit it in your bathroom, kitchen, and entryway. The dispenser is available on the Indigo website for $40.

7. Happy Lamp


As soon as daylight starts fading, your mom could enjoy all the benefits from mood-boosting light therapy. 

The Happy Light lamp comes with three modes 4000, 7000, and 10000. Out of these, 10,000 lux has the ideal therapeutic dose. On top of it, three-timer settings can get your mom the feel-good rays she deserves.

The light therapy lamp emits Lux every time it is turned on, and the luminous flux gradually increases to the level starting from weak to strong. 
The lamp will deliver signals to the body to make your mom feel energized, revitalized, and focused. You can pick the Suxio Light Therapy Lamp for Mother’s Day for $40 on Amazon Canada.

8. Pocket Farmacy® Kit 


If your mom is a bit stressed out due to daily work, you can give her this Pocket Farmacy® kit from Saje Natural Wellness

This kit comes with 5 essential oil blends, which provide emotional support, such as unwinding, confidence, connection, reflection, and energy.

For rejuvenating energy, your mom can apply a small amount to her palms, rub them together, then cup her hands over her mouth and nose and breathe deeply.

To unwind, she can apply it to her jawline, temples, pulse points, and soles of her feet up to three times a day.

Also, for confidence, reflection, and connection, she can apply it behind the ears, the neck, and in elbow creases. Get this kit for $70.

9. Luggage Tracker


You can make your mom’s trips a breeze by gifting a tile tracker. She can keep track of her luggage and other belongings by syncing the tracker to her phone. She can also monitor location as she travels and get alerts when her belongings are out of reach.

The tracker is water-resistant and durable enough to last through heat, rain, and sweat. There will be a loud ring from the tracker that is easier to hear and makes the items easier to track.The thin tile-like build can easily fit in wallets, phone cases, and purses. You can buy the Tile Slim Tracker for $24.99.

10. Portable Coffee Maker


Would you brew a whole pot of coffee if you only need a cup? That’s what this portable coffee maker is for. With this coffee maker, your mom can fill a cup of hot coffee and enjoy it. The retro design of the product will cool wherever she puts it. 

The dishwasher-safe brew basket of the coffee maker makes it virtually maintenance-free. Also, your mom can use both a regular coffee mug and her travel mug.The coffee maker is compact enough to fit in a desk or cupboard. Besides, it looks so sleek that your mom would love to keep it out on display. Get the Frigidaire single-cup coffee maker for $44.

When a happy occasion like Mother’s Day is nearly at the doorstep, the best way to celebrate this day is by gifting your mother some nice made-in-Canada items. Such a gift will give your mother a sense of belonging. 

But remember that you don’t have to celebrate Mother’s Day with gifts that have a heavy price tag. The list of thoughtful gift ideas above offers various options that refresh the bond between a mother and a child without breaking the bank. 

From customized symbols of affection to usefulness, through these budget-friendly gifts, you can convey your love and appreciation to your mother. Any of these gifts will be a simple yet meaningful gesture that will show how much you care. Let’s celebrate this and every Mother’s Day with gifts that speak from your heart.

Revathi Karthik
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