What Is Ground Shipping? How to Utilize Ground Shipping for Faster Delivery?

We bet eCommerce stores will agree with us, when we say shipping is costly. For new eCommerce stores, they must find an affordable way to deliver their shipments to the customers. That too without compromising on the delivery speed. 

Ground shipping is a cost-effective way to ship different products from the eCommerce stores to the customers. The central mode of shipping here is through trucks by road. That’s why this mode of shipping is called ground shipping. Even though ground shipping is often considered as a slow mode of shipping, it is one of the most popular domestic shipping methods in the US. 

However, ground shipping is no longer considered as a delayed shipping option. With the right set of strategies, you can expedite ground shipping. In this blog, we will discuss everything about ground shipping and convert it into a faster shipping option. 

So, let’s get started. 

What is ground shipping? 

Ground shipping is a popular method where road or rail is the prime transportation mode. It is an affordable shipping process and possibly the best available solution for domestic shipping. For new eCommerce stores, it is a challenge to offer free shipping on sold items. With a cost-effective mode like ground shipping, new eCommerce stores can easily offset their costs and provide free shipping. 

While, ground shipping is a great option for domestic shipping, its popularity in the international context is also increasing. It can be a feasible option for last-mile shipping when it comes to international delivery options. That means once a shipment reaches the port, eCommerce stores can opt for ground shipping to get the package delivered to customers. That way, the cost of international shipping can also be reduced. 

How does ground shipping work? 

Do you have questions related to ground shipping time? Well, let us discuss how ground shipping works to clear your doubts. 

The very step to making ground shipping work is integrating different ground shipping services. For instance, if you want to know about the application of ground shipping for international shipping purposes, you should have a detailed knowledge of the international destination you are targeting and the types of items you are shipping. That way, eCommerce stores can make a decision on whether or not ground shipping is a feasible and affordable way to perform international shipping. 

Once you have some clarity over these aspects, you need to go ahead and search for the ideal shipping carrier. Some popular options are FedEx, USPS, and UPS. 

What are the advantages of using ground shipping for order fulfilment in 2022? 

If you are planning to use ground shipping for order fulfilment in 2022, here are the benefits that you must know: 

1. Ground shipping is highly cost effective 

If you opt for shipping by air or sea, the cost will be much higher than ground shipping rates. Largely because several additional charges add up with your shipping process in that case. These include air transit charges, air-fuel charges, etc. 

On the contrary, ground shipping is a more budget-friendly option where all these additional charges don’t apply. The only charges related to ground shipping are truck fair, loading and unloading charges etc. So, from a cost-effectiveness perspective, ground shipping is undoubtedly one of the best shipping options. 

2. Ground shipping is an environmentally sustainable 

More and more eCommerce stores are opting for eco-friendly shipping activities. Before selecting a shipping option, you must evaluate the level of impact on the environment. Since most of the eCommerce stores are investing in reducing their carbon footprints, ground shipping is also becoming an environment-friendly option for shipping. 

3. Ground shipping can be fast too! 

A common notion associated with ground shipping is a delayed shipping option. However, in reality, it can be faster than you think. Especially for domestic shipping when the customer stays close to your warehouse, ground shipping can help with same-day-delivery, one-day delivery and other faster delivery methods. 

However, ground shipping can take longer in higher shipping zones, high volume, fragile shipping items, etc. 

4. Ground shipping doesn’t have any size limitations 

Unlike shipping by air, ground shipping doesn’t have any size or weight limitations. eCommerce stores can ship packages of any size if there are no illegal factors involved. So, whether you are shipping a Knicks ticket or a huge cabinet, ground shipping supports it all. 

Air Freight Vs. Ground Shipping Vs. Standard Shipping – What are the Differences? 

Let us now discuss how ground shipping differs from standard shipping and air freight: 

Ground shipping vs. Standard shipping 

Ground shipping and standard shipping are synonymous for many eCommerce stores and shipping carriers. Now, we don’t disagree completely on that. Both ground shipping and standard shipping are affordable shipping options where packages are delivered overground.

 However, there are some precise differences between these two shipping modes. These are due to the diverse offerings by the shipping carriers. For instance, USPS considers shipping by water under ground shipping. Alternatively, for FedEx and UPS, ground shipping includes 48 US states and Canada and Mexico. 

Air freight vs. Ground shipping 

Under air freight shipping, the scope of delivering faster is high. Also, it is highly reliable for international shipping. On the contrary, ground shipping is more suitable for domestic shipping and involves delay, unlike air freight shipping. In the case of international shipping, ground shipping is not always a reliable option. However, if it is last-mile shipping, ground shipping is still a useful option. 

For air freight shipping, cost of shipping is a major constraint. With charges like airfare, transit costs, security charges etc., air freight shipping becomes one of the costliest modes of shipping. Ground shipping, on the other hand, is much more affordable and allows eCommerce stores to provide free shipping, without compromising on profit. 

Speed-up shipping with a 3PL Fulfillment Service 

It is often difficult for eCommerce stores to manage ground shipping options single-handedly. That’s when they should collaborate with a shipping partner like ShippingChimp, that assists in every step of the shipping process. 

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