How does Canpar Pick up Work?

Canpar Pick up

While running an eCommerce business in Canada, shipping and delivering your products to customers can often feel exhausting. A few messed-up deliveries can lead to significant losses of time and money. Besides, it can jeopardize your customers’ experience. 

Considering the importance of fast and timely shipping, you should choose a reliable carrier. For example, partnering with Canpar Express to deliver packages to your customers can be a wise choice as the company has been providing its services in Canada and the US since 1976.

Canpar provides pickup and delivery services in Canada through Ground, Express, Select, and guaranteed mid-day delivery options. Canpar includes basic insurance if there is a case of loss or damage. 

The carrier provides up to CAD 100 coverage of the replacement value for consolidated shipments. 

What is Canpar Pickup Service?

Canpar offers various specialized services, and pickup is one of them. For example, Canpar provides pickup tags and pickup on-demand services to customers.

The carrier offers several pickup tag options that will allow you to retrieve a parcel with the charges billed for its Ground service. 

You only have to enter the pickup address for the pick-up tag through the MyCanpar portal, and a Canpar driver will arrive the next business day with the label to pick up the parcel.

If you don’t have a Canpar account, don’t worry. The carrier offers a Pick Up On-Demand service that enables non-account holders to ship packages on a pay-as-you-go basis. Just fill out the shipping details and go ahead to the carrier’s secured checkout and pay with any major credit card. 

You can also pay for shipping online after entering your shipping details and printing your label without any account setup.

How to Schedule a Pickup?

Here is how you can schedule a pickup with Canpar:

  1. Enter your pickup address
  • If you already have a Canpar account, you can use the default address or edit for a new one. You can also leave special instructions for your pickup driver.
  1. Choose a pickup date
  • Choose a pickup date from all the available dates. Pickups on weekends are unavailable.
  • Same-day pickups are available only in specific areas.
  1. Enter the package details for your consolidated shipment(s)
  • Make sure to weigh and measure your packages accurately after consolidating.
  • If you have multiple consolidated shipments, click “Add another piece” and put the package details.
  1. Pay for the pickup and print labels
  • When scheduling a pickup, confirm the details and click ‘Pay and print labels.’ If you want to complete the process some other time, your information will remain saved. 
  • Make sure to label your consolidated packages properly and get them ready before the scheduled pickup.

How the Pickup Cost is Calculated?

The cost calculation of a Canpar pickup happens by the weight and dimensions of your consolidated shipment. It also considers the distance between the point of origin and the destination.  

Two things determine the cost of your Canpar pickup:

  • The weight and dimensions of your consolidated shipment.
  • The distance between your locations.

Saving the Pickup Cost with Consolidation

You can save the costs of pickups by consolidating your shipments. Consolidation means putting all your packages or shipments into one larger box. 

By consolidating, you only have to pay a single pickup fee for one shipment. This way, you can save a significant amount of money that you would have paid for multiple shipments.

The Estimated Window for a Canpar Pickup

Canpar does not provide an exact pickup time. Confirming precise pickup times can be difficult because they depend on the following factors:

  • Geography, i.e., shipment to urban or rural areas
  • The total number of pickups scheduled in a day
  • The location of the pickup driver when making the pickup request.

The estimated time for pickups is during the afternoon hours. Generally, most pickups happen before 3:00 p.m. local time. However, it is only an estimated time.

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