A Complete Guide to Selling on eBay Canada

Selling on eBay Canada

Online eCommerce businesses are growing at a phenomenal rate in Canada. Virtual retail giants like eBay Canada are enjoying great success. In 2023, eBay Canada earned revenue of $10.11 billion! 

eBay Canada is generating this huge amount of revenue by selling a wide range of products in various categories. The retail giant has been in the eCommerce business for 24 years.

In 2024, how can you leverage the massive customer base and selling opportunities on eBay Canada? How can you set up an account on eBay Canada? What are the selling fees? Find out how to sell on eBay your products in this complete guide.

A Few Remarkable Facts on eBay Canada 

Before selling on eBay or how to sell on eBay Canada, learn about a few interesting facts about this marketplace:

  • As of February 2024, eBay.ca was the fourth largest marketplace website in Canada with high online traffic.
  • EBay receives 1.27 percent of its online traffic from Canada.
  • In February 2023, eBay Canada had a total of 38.63 million visitors.
  • The top selling items on eBay Canada are electronics, health & beauty items, automotive, clothing, tools & home, sports & outdoors, kitchen items, toys & games, and more.
  • The most frequent buyers on eBay Canada fall in the age groups between 25 and 34 years, 35 and 44 years, 18 and 24 years, and 45 and 54 years.

Why Should You Sell on eBay Canada?

EBay Canada lets eCommerce sellers sell to customers within or outside of Canada online. But you may still have questions like “Why sell on eBay,” “What to sell on eBay?” “How to sell something on eBay?” Let’s see why:

  • eBay Canada can give your business access to more than 27 million customers.
  • While selling on eBay Canada, you can choose the sales format that suits you. Although some sellers prefer auction-style listings for higher returns, over 89% of sellers sell their products at a fixed price.
  • You will get support from eBay Canada through tools and services that will make it easy to go online quicker and sell worldwide. You will get help starting from research, shipping, and discounts that will optimize your listings.
  • You will receive constant help from the seller community comprising like-minded sellers.
  • eBay Canada is a reliable partner to sellers. It guarantees the integrity of the marketplace, and always provides the support you need.

How to Sign up for the Seller Account on eBay Canada?

Before you decide how to sell things on eBay for Canada, you need to register with a business account. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

To register, go to the ‘Create an account’ and click the ‘Business’ tab. Now:

  • Enter your business name
  • Put in your business email
  • Choose a unique and strong password
  • Select the country where your business is registered
  • Finally, click the ‘Create business account’ tab.

Verify Your Identity

In this step, you need to verify some information to validate your identity – your e-mail address (or your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple/Android login) and your business name. 

You also need to provide your business registration and official telephone numbers.

Select a Store Type

When opening a store on eBay Canada, select a store type: Basic, Premium, or Anchor. There are monthly and yearly subscription plans and fees or the cost to sell on eBay.

Regarding selling on eBay Canada fees, the website charges 10 percent of the selling price and 10 percent of the shipping price.

Link Your Bank Account

In the final step, you need to identify a primary contact and the payment currency before linking to your bank account. For this, you need to provide your debit or credit card details.

Once you complete the above steps, your eBay Canada seller account gets activated. You can start selling on eBay Canada based on the type of sale you prefer.

How to Sell on eBay Canada?

  1. Research the Market on eBay Canada

Before you begin selling your products on eBay Canada, it’s important to do research and the unique features of the eBay marketplace. Go through the portal’s size, structure, customers’ buying habits, and popular product categories. 

Deep diving into the market will give you an insight into the product types that sell well, the most effective pricing strategies, and popular shipping options. 

Review the most successful sellers in your preferred product categories, and note their strategies, such as their product descriptions, pricing, and shipping methods. It will give you a competitive edge and boost your possibilities of success. 

  1. Keyword-Optimize Your eBay Listing

Use the most popular and higher-ranked keywords to optimize your eBay listing to attract and retain customers. 

Your eBay listing works as your digital storefront, which helps to make the first impression. It’s crucial to make the product listing attractive and professional. The following are a few ways to optimize your eBay listing:

  • Use popular keywords in your product title and description to describe your products. These keywords will make it easier for customers to find.
  • Include detailed and precise information about your products, including material, weight, and dimensions.
  • Use eBay Canada’s tools for formatting, such as bullet points and bold text to make your product description visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Offer various and convenient shipping options, and specify your return policy.

A properly keyword-optimized product listing will likely attract more customers, and build trust, resulting in repeat purchases.

3. Write Detailed Product Descriptions

Detailed and accurate product descriptions can influence customers’ buying decisions. The following are a few effective ways you can write ideal product descriptions:

  • Clearly and accurately describe your products, including their size, color, and condition.
  • Mix text with bright images to display your products and their features.
  • Make the description easy to read so customers can go through without hiccups. 
  • Mention all the details in the product description, including the material, and how to use and care for the item.
  • Highlight the unique selling propositions (USPs) of your products and their key benefits.

Write detailed and fluid product descriptions to make your product listing stand out and boost sales.

4. Add High-Quality Images

Product images with high resolution attract customers’ attention and make them click on the listed products with the intent to explore. 

  • Use high-resolution and clear product images to represent the listed items accurately.
  • Add several product images from various angles to give customers a full view of the items.
  • Use proper lighting so that the images look bright and visible.
  • Take the product images against a plain background to focus on the items.
  • Include the zoom feature to enable customers to have a close look at the products.
  • Ensure images do not look blurry or distorted.

The quality of product images has a significant role to play in boosting your listed items. Following the steps mentioned above can help you achieve that goal. 

5. Set Your Product Pricing Wisely

Set your product pricing wisely on eBay Canada. If you set your product price too high, it may drive customers away, whereas too low pricing could lead to lower profits. 

The following are a few ways you can price your products:

  • Conduct market research and compare your product prices with similar items listed on eBay Canada.
  • Accurately calculate your cost of goods, including raw materials, labor, and shipping fees.
  • Offer promotions and discounts to attract customers.
  • Adjust product pricing according to demand and market trends.

Be flexible to change your product prices and try out various pricing strategies to find which price point is ideal for you and your customers.

6. Offer Low-Cost Shipping

Shipping costs directly affect customer experience and can retain or drive them away. The following are a few ways you can offer shipping options: 

  • Offer multiple shipping methods, including standard or express shipping, and specify the estimated delivery timeline.
  • Use robust packaging to ensure the ordered items reach customers safely.
  • If possible, provide an online shipping calculator so that customers can calculate their shipping costs accurately.
  • Partner with a reliable shipping carrier that provides a real time tracking feature. 
  • From product dispatch and shipping to last-mile delivery, keep customers updated about every step to gain their trust.
  • Respond quickly to customer’s questions related to shipping and delivery. 

Taking the time to streamline shipping can have a positive impact on your sales, customer satisfaction, and reviews/ratings on eBay Canada.

7. Set up a Transparent Returns Policy 

eBay Canada provides sellers the opportunity to customize their return policies. Based on that, you can offer free returns to customers within 30 or 60 days.

Remember that an excessively restrictive returns policy can drive potential customers away to exploring other products. Try to be flexible while managing returns depending on the type of products you are selling.

Besides, eBay Canada keeps updating its policies and introducing new features. You need to stay informed about those changes and implement the changes in your policies as and when needed

8. Use eBay Promotional Features

eBay Canada provides a range of promotional tools and features to help customers generate sales. Here is how you can use eBay Canada’s ad features:

  • Incorporate eBay Canada’s promotional tools, like sales events to boost your product visibility and increase sales.
  • Offer attractive promotions and discounts to attract new customers and ensure repeat purchases.
  • Apply eBay Canada’s “Best Offer” feature to convert visitors into buying customers.
  • Make the most of the “Buy it Now” feature to offer a flat price for your products.
  • Try offering free shipping to get customers’ attention and drive sales.
  • Include eBay Canada’s ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ feature and mention the delivery dates.

If yours is a new business joining eBay Canada, you can get support from the website that offers a $500 credit for your promoted listings standard.

You can set your product listing with pricing. Whenever you make a sale via eBay Canada promotion, the charges will get deducted from the $500 credit.

9. Provide Fast Resolution Customers’ Issues

Fast response and resolving customers’ issues can gain their trust and increase sales. The ways mentioned below can help you provide excellent customer service:

  • Review customers’ questions daily and resolve them quickly. 
  • Whether answering customers’ questions via email or call, train the executives to reply with a friendly tone.
  • Try to address the most pressing issue first if customers have multiple questions. 
  • Provide detailed information if required so customers can make an informed decision.
  • Follow up with your customers to ensure they receive satisfactory resolution.
  • Request customers to rate the customer service. 

A positive intent, excellent communication, and patience can enhance customer experience and boost your sales. 

10. Request Customers for Reviews

Positive customer reviews reflect both your product quality and performance as a seller. These key factors influence new customers’ decision to buy from your store. The following are a few ways to have positive reviews:

  • Write detailed and accurate product descriptions.
  • Use quality packing and shipping to ensure fast delivery.
  • Send post-purchase messages to customers to ensure satisfaction.
  • Offer easy returns, exchanges, and refunds.
  • Answer quickly and professionally to customers’ concerns and questions.
  • Request customers for reviews and suggestions.

Closing Words

To sell successfully and profitably on eBay Canada, besides product listing, reasonable pricing, and effective promotion, how you treat your customer will make a lot of difference. Always keep your customer updated about their shipping, transit information, and estimated delivery time.

Give customers’ concerns a top priority and try to resolve their issues with empathy. This approach will make customers satisfied, and no issues will get escalated to eBay Canada. Follow up with customers and let them know how pleasing doing business with them was. Also, request them to leave feedback for your business. The more positive ratings you have, the better it will be for your reputation and business.

Revathi Karthik
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